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● Involuntary contractions of a muscle, typically harmless and temporary, but can be
painful. Muscle pain is a major medical problem: The majority (60% to 85%) of the
population has had (nonspecific) back pain of muscular origin at some time or other
(lifetime prevalence).
● Pain evoked by myofascial trigger points has a point prevalence of approximately 30%
(2). More than 7% of all women aged 70 to 80 years suffer from fibromyalgia syndrome.
● In an Italian study, musculoskeletal pain was found to be the most common reason that
patients consulted a doctor.

Most Reported Causes and Symptoms:

● Not enough stretching.
● Muscle fatigue.Exercising in the heat.
● Dehydration.
● Depletion of electrolytes
● Involuntary nerve discharges.
● Restriction in the blood supply.
● Stress. Too much high-intensity exercise.


● Dink plenty of fluids
● Stretching and gently massaging the area may help stop muscle spasms.
● Icing the area or applying heat from a warm towel, heating pad or hot water in the
shower may also help.
● Steroids if inflammation is suspected
● Muscle relaxers with tension and or unable to sleep due to pain.


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