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Cancellation Policy

1). We understand that sometimes a patient is unable to make a scheduled appointment due to unforeseen circumstances. Desroches Medical Clinic's (DMC) cancellation policy makes booking, cancelling, and rescheduling easy.


2). DMC will honor a full refund for any of our visits when cancelled up to three (3) hours before the scheduled visit.


3). We are unable to offer refunds for the following:

No-shows or missed appointments for any reason;

Refund requests due to not receiving a prescription or disagreement with the clinical outcome of the visit, not all inclusive.


4). I am sure you are aware that missing an appointment or being late prevents us from giving you the care needed. However, it is also detrimental to us because it prevents us from scheduling another who needs care as well. 

Patient Consent and Agreement


By using this platform , I confirm that I:


(1) Understand and agree that I am agreeing to this Consent electronically;


(2) Have read and understand the information provided regarding telemedicine;


(3) Have discussed the consent and agreement with my physician or such assistants as may be designated,


and all of my questions have been answered to my satisfaction;


(4) Certify that I am a person with legal authority to act on behalf of the patient, including the authority to


consent to medical services, and accept financial and legal responsibility for services rendered;


(5) Certify that I understand and accept the risks and benefits of telehealth services and wish to receive such services;


(6) Hereby agree to the policy and terms and give my informed consent for the use of telemedicine in my medical care. 

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